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How to Write a Call-to-Action

Call to Action | Organic Marketing ServicesWhether you are implementing an internet marketing campaign or an old fashioned print advertising campaign the most important element of the advertisement is the call-to-action. While this seems to be a simple concept you would be surprised at how often  this basic step is forgotten. If you do not provide an effective call-to-action you have missed out on an opportunity to engage and foster a relationship with the consumer or website visitor.

Here a re a few tips for writing a great call to action.

1. Get to the point – Don’t skirt around the issue let your reader know exactly what you want them to do. Dropbox, a cloud storage system has one of the best examples of this point. When you go to their home page there is not doubt what they want you to do. Download their cloud storage software.


2. Provide an incentive – Provide a free gift, coupon, e-book, or free guide just for visiting your website or considering your service. For example if you provide a pool service provide the first month for free. you would be surprised how far this can go towards customer retention.

3. Encourage an immediate action – Use language like “call now”, “limited time offer” or “last one available” to promote a sense of urgency. Let the buyer think they might miss out if they do not act right away. I had a friend of mine who ran a small retail store. He purchased a product from a distributor that he thought would really sell at a great price. He set up a huge display with about 100 of these items on a table as soon as you walked into the store. he complained to me that he was not selling any of these items. I advised him to put out 2 of the products out on the table along with a sign that said “last 2 available at this price” and put the rest in his storage room. He quickly began to sell out of the products and each time  one sold he replaced it with another. Before long they were all gone…

4. Convenience – Make your product or service convenient. No one wants to go out of their way. Make your product offer easy to obtain and describe how you will take care of all the work.

5. Solve a problem. Insure you solve a problem for your customer. For example we provide additional website traffic through SEO. This service will generate additional traffic and sales for our customers with very little if any effort upon their part.

Try a few of these call-to-action tips and you should begin to see better results.

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Written by Steven Neubarth, CEO and founder of Organic Marketing Services