Changing WordPress Themes Can Revitalize a Stale Website

Is your small business still utilizing the free default theme included in your original WordPress installation? If so, it might be time for a change.

While changing a WordPress theme is one of the most spectacular changes that you can make to revamp a dusty website, it is also one of the easiest. Your grandmother could probably revitalize your website with just a few clicks.

Your WordPress dashboard allows you to easily change the appearance of your website using a theme. A theme is a combination of CSS settings and image files that can dramatically alter the appearance of your website on a visitor’s computer screen. It can make even the drabbest site look like a work of art.

Default Templates

To generate a point, think about the last time that you visited a website and recognized right away that it was a WordPress site. Maybe you even checked the code to confirm your suspicions.

A huge number of companies utilize the default WordPress templates, choosing to replace some of the images with their own to customize the appearance. Yet, even when they do, it is still an easily recognizable format.

Premium Themes

Default themes are great for a small nonprofit group or a school club, but they do not give the impression that your small business is all grown up. A premium theme is usually a much better option, and these can start at well under $100.

Keep in mind that even if you choose to change WordPress premium themes , all of your other settings remain the same. Your contact information does not change. Your blog posts are still there. All of your social media plugins are still functional.

There are a few ways to go about choosing a theme. Some themes are specially designed for certain industries, such as a real estate firm or art gallery. Others are specially created to draw attention to the social media aspects of your website. Those plugins can easily integrate into the look and feel of the template, transforming that once stale website into a powerhouse corporate image.

Many design companies will provide a limited theme for free to let you test drive their designs. The best themes can be obtained for relatively modest costs, especially when compared to the sky-high prices of professional website design firms. Do yourself a favor and try a theme change before breaking out the wallet for a major redesign!

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